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Development Zone Manufacturing Base: No. 5, Nangang Road, Dalian Free Trade Zone, Liaoning Province


Ganjingzi District Manufacturing Base: No. 2 Haibei Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian, Liaoning Province


0411-88013469 / 0411-88013467



The company is willing to provide high-quality products and excellent services to customers at home and abroad with superb military and nuclear power technology.




Company Profile

Company Profile

Dalian Baoyuan Nuclear Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large-scale special equipment research and development, design and manufacturing enterprise affiliated to Liaoning Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 1947 and was formed in 1999 by the China National Nuclear Industry Corporation's state-owned 523 factory. The company is strategically located in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian, China. It is 0.5 km from the large cargo terminal, 5 km from the expressway entrance, 20 km from the Dalian High Speed ​​Rail Station and 28 km from Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport. The company is divided into two major manufacturing bases, namely the bonded area and the Ganjingzi factory. The two bases are 20 kilometers apart. There are more than 1,000 people including professional managers, professional technicians and senior skilled workers.
The company has the professional equipment processing and manufacturing capabilities and perfect measurement, physicochemical and testing methods. It has made remarkable achievements in the equipment manufacturing of military industry, military nuclear power, nuclear power, energy and chemical industry, petrochemical industry and polyester and carbon fiber industries. The company's performance, especially in the forming, welding and heat treatment of stainless steel, low temperature steel, low alloy steel and nickel-based metal materials, has mature processing experience, and the processing and manufacturing of titanium, zirconium and Hastelloy alloy materials has been in domestic leading position.
The company has strong technical strength and various qualification certificates for professional equipment manufacturing: in 1984, it obtained the first A1A2 special equipment design and manufacturing license; in 1992, it obtained the US ASME headquarters authorization certificate and U and U2 specification stamps; in 1995, it obtained civil approval. Pressure equipment manufacturing license; passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in 1999; DNV classification society certification in 2004; nuclear power welder examination qualification issued by the National Nuclear Safety Administration in 2010; occupational health and safety, environmental management system certification in 2011; In 2018, it obtained the US ASME headquarters authorization certificate and N specification steel stamp; the National Secrecy Bureau issued the confidential three-level qualification certificate; the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau approved the military nuclear safety equipment manufacturing license.
The company is willing to provide high-quality products and excellent services to customers all over the world with exquisite military and nuclear power technology.